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Jet Ski Large Cooler Rack Model Z
Jet Ski Large Cooler Rack Model Z

KPS Jet Ski Large Cooler Rack Model Z

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Your Price: $365.00
Jet Ski Cooler Rack Model Z (lays on the deck for great support)
Part Number: 798295136947
Availability: Ready to Ship in 3 Business Days
Feature: Made in the USA with marine grade 16 gauge stainless steel
Feature: Professionally Powdered-Coated black
Feature: Includes all the necessary ratchet strap and turnbuckle for easy installation
Feature: 4 independent adjustable legs to fit any surface

Jet Ski Cooler Rack with Gas Plates for Rotopax Fuel Tanks -  Fits 48-54 Qt Coolers

Model Z 6947

Designed Yamaha & Kawasaki

Kool PWC Stuff's Jet Ski cooler rack are made of high quality marine grade stainless steel and then professionally powder coated in flat black.

Our model Z installation lays on the deck with adjustable brackets in the back to secure a strong and solid grip of the rear deck and turnbuckle & safety straps in the front to connect to the tow hook below the seat.

No drilling or modifications are needed to your personal watercraft and installs in a couple of minutes.

Kool PWC Stuff's exclusive and patent pending design is the best on the market with minimum space required compared to bulky aluminum racks. The unique model Z design allows the rack lay on the deck and raised for better access to the cooler. This also allows the Yamaha® Wave-Runner models that have the water spout to flow freely if moved up enough.

Other competitors require you to physically lay their racks directly on the deck which does not all water to flow under them and blocks the water spout on Yamaha® wave-runner models or they have specific racks for different jet ski models, our works with Yamaha®, Sea Doo® and Kawasaki® brands. Be careful of extra charges from our competitors for options like rod holder straps, bungee cords, etc. Our fishing rack includes everything.

Our 6947 Complete Package Includes:


  • 1- Flat Black Powder Coated Stainless Steel Fish/Cooler Rack Model Z Bar Design

  • 1- High Quality Marine Grade Stainless Steel 304 - 16 gauge

  • Fits a 48-54 Qt Cooler or Yeti® 45 Roto-Mold Cooler

  • 2- Brackets with Holes Drilled for RotoPax Fuel Packs

  • 1- Marine Grade Turnbuckle & Safety Strap

  • 1- 40” Bungee Cord for the Cooler



Rack Size: Designed to Fit Most Coolers up to 54 Quarts and Includes Yeti 45 Rotomold Type Coolers

Outside Dimensions: 27.5" X 17.5" X 7 3/4" Top Bar - Rod Holder Height Not Included - Z Bars are not included

Inside Dimensions: 26" X 16" X 7 /3/4" top bar - rod holder height and legs not included

Deck Space: 17 1/2" L & 9" W (1" Flat Z Bar lays on 9 Inches of the deck)

Weight: 18 lbs

When measuring coolers for our racks - measure the height up (6 inches) from the bottom of the cooler to get a more accuracy.

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