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KPS 6 Rod Holder Jet Ski Fishing Rack for the Sea Doo® LinQ® System
KPS 6 Rod Holder Jet Ski Fishing Rack for the Sea Doo® LinQ® System

KPS 6 Rod Holder Jet Ski Fishing Rack for the Sea Doo® LinQ® System

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Your Price: $495.00
Made Just for Late Model Sea Doo Models with LinQ System
Part Number: 798295137050
Availability: Ready to Ship in 1-3 Days
Feature: Stainless Steel Construction - Powder Coated Black
Feature: Small Adjustable Legs for Complete Support
Feature: LinQ Brackets Included
Feature 5 Rod Straps Included

KPS 6 Rod Holder Jet Ski Fishing Rack Made for the Sea Doo® LinQ® System with Gas Plates for Rotopax® Fuel Tanks 

Kool PWC Stuff's Custom LinQ® L Bracket Installation "NO Turnbuckles and Straps Required" 

** Patent Pending Rack Design

Model 7050

The First Jet Ski fishing rack made of high quality marine grade stainless steel and then professionally powder coated in flat black specifically for late model Sea-Doo® personal watercraft's.

Our jet ski fishing racks includes 6 Rod Holder fits on any Sea Doo® with LinQ® Systems. No drilling or modifications is needed to your personal watercraft and installs in a couple of minutes. For Yamaha® and Kawasaki® an additional optional bracket can be installed and does require 4 holes drilled to accommodate the LinQ® brackets.

Can be used to carry an extra 7 gallons of fuel with our RotoPax Fuel Kits (Optional)

7050 Package Includes:

  • 1- Flat Black Powder Coated Stainless Steel Fishing/Cooler Rack

  • 1- All Marine Grade Stainless Steel 304 - 16 gauge

  • 6- Stainless Steel Welded Rod Holders with Rod Straps

    • 4 Rod Holders Vertical & 2 Rod Holders Angled

  • 2- Brackets with holes drilled for RotoPax fuel packs

  • 2- New Custom LinQ L Brackets (Replaces the Original LinQ Brackets Provided by Sea Doo)

  • 4- Small Support Adjustable Legs

  • 1- Black Bungee Cord for the Cooler

** Patent Pending Design
The new linQ U Bracket by KPS provides a secure installation versus Sea Doo's LinQ bracket which has seen some failures of the plastic piece that locks it in. You will need to tighten 2 nuts and bolts on each side for installation.


Rack Size: Designed to fit most coolers up to 54 quarts and Yeti 45 rotomold coolers

Outside Dimensions: 27.5" X 17.5" X 10" top bar - rod holder height not included

Inside Dimensions: 26" X 16" X 6" top bar - rod holder height and brackets not included in measurement

Deck Space: Fits On Any LinQ Bracket - Front or Back

When measuring coolers for our racks - measure the height to 6 inches from the bottom of the cooler to get a more accuracy.

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